The best thing about working for WBPM:
The free coffee. The LIFETIME SUPPLY of free coffee

Most embarrassing moment in radio:
Make an off color joke about a celebrity to another celebrity and being called out on it during the interview. OOPS

Three things I could not live without:

Three things I could live without:
traffic on route 9, long lines in the store and excessive heat.

Best concert experience:
Billy Joel, Nassau Coliseum.

On the street I’m usually mistaken for:
Angelina Jolies bodyguard.

Reality TV show I’d most like to participate in and why:
ABC Makeover Home Edition. That is if I could have the house.

Person I’d most like to meet and why:
Billy Joel or Don Mattingly. Two people that have meant much to me growing up.

Here’s something no one knew about me… until now:
I like Pina Coladas and getting caught in the rain.

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