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Weekends Live in the largest radio market in the country NEW YORK CITY’s 92.3 AMP RADIO!


I had a chance to interview music superstar Julia Michaels who performed at our K104 Not So Silent Night 2020!    

Radio Career C.P.R.

It was a tough week in radio for many and combined with a never before seen pandemic many many lives are turned upside down. It hurts me to see my fellow radio brethren on pause via and exit or a furlough. I always keep my hand in many things and wanted to pass along...


I am excited to be on the talent roster and align myself with this amazing company. Demo is on the site and if I can help your station cash or barter contact them! https://sunbgi.com/personality-on-demand/


  • 3 weeks ago by skyskymedia Get it? I-PADDYS DAY. I gave away one at 5p. More at 7p 9p and 11p. Live and local.
  • 4 weeks ago by skyskymedia Some of you may know of my other alter ego "JJ Carter" on 92.9 WBPM based in Kingston. I have
  • 1 month ago by skyskymedia One year ago I took the train into Manhatten to speak at a conference....was on vacation from work. The following
  • 2 months ago by skyskymedia Today is one year plant based diet..It started as an experiment and one week turned into one month turned into
  • 2 months ago by skyskymedia That's a wrap. Fully vaccinated. Dose 2 of Pfizer. Mom will be fully vaccinated next week and sister. The more
  • 3 months ago by skyskymedia Dads birthday today. Missing him lots..I shall do what Joe Galeno would do...get a car wash and have a Jack
  • 3 months ago by skyskymedia Done...So many thoughts... I just received dose 1 of the Covid 19 vaccine...Pfizer This virus and all it has dealt
  • 3 months ago by skyskymedia Well...my last live on air shift of 2020 (am show fill in). What a year…all in all i came out
  • 4 months ago by skyskymedia Got this pic from the Stylez family. They are Cheersin with Dunkin. So am I Hudson Valley. Love the new
  • 4 months ago by skyskymedia No Covid chatter No work stuff No mindless social media scrolling Just 60 min of music, postive vibes and sweat.
  • 4 months ago by skyskymedia I started at K104 New York today Dec 8th in 2000. Wow...start of year 21? I'm legal! Thankful to Scotty
  • 4 months ago by skyskymedia Voicetracking client holiday gifts ready to go out in the mail tomorrow. If you choose to employ me in these
  • 5 months ago by skyskymedia Yay peppermint from the  @dunkin  on Route 32 Newburgh...some pick me up on a Sunday funday.. Send some Cheersin to
  • 5 months ago by skyskymedia The weekend starts now for me...breathe....
  • 5 months ago by skyskymedia I am Filling in on the morning show for the next few days and this is definitely necessary. Hey Hudson
  • 6 months ago by skyskymedia
  • 6 months ago by skyskymedia Had a good gain day at my workout this morning. Forget the physical stuff as God knows I'm not some
  • 7 months ago by skyskymedia Shoutout to the  @dunkin  on Dolson Ave in Middletown. I picked up a sandwich and paired it with a $1
  • 7 months ago by skyskymedia This is a tough expense right now but I do beleive in the cause and mission. So be it.  @sagaftra 
  • 7 months ago by skyskymedia It's been a tough week and year for many of my radio friends and co-workers. I wrote a blog to