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Skywalker tells Radio Ink he’s picked up weekend duties at WPLJ-FM in New York City. “I’m very excited to have these legendary call letters behind my name. I’m very appreciative to WPLJ PD Dave Labrozzi and APD Mile Allan for the opportunity.” Sky had been doing...

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Skywalker on Fly 92.3

Skywalker on Fly 92.3

Monday July 2nd thru Friday July 6th Skywalker will fill in on air at heritage Top 40 station Fly 92.3. Listen between 10a-2p.

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  • 16 hours ago by skyskymedia Business landscape is tough. Shout out to some mom and pop shops that employ me. They are doing some damn
  • 2 days ago by skyskymedia Lol Dolly Parton challenge
  • 3 weeks ago by skyskymedia Station I produced. .  @k1047   @mrvoice_   @selenagomez   @puma 
  • 3 weeks ago by skyskymedia This month is one year since I started working with personal trainer Anthony Esposito. I am hardly the idea picture
  • 3 weeks ago by skyskymedia Looking forward to speaking at this conference again this year. I will be there March 7th. Love the enthusiasm of
  • 4 weeks ago by skyskymedia My niece and nephew in Grand Central with the gentleman of the MTA greeting them. My parents instilled this love
  • 2 months ago by skyskymedia I really appreciate  @mcgann23  and  @annieonair  taking the time to talk to my students. You never know the impact your
  • 2 months ago by skyskymedia My morning routine is  @todayshow  and coffee. I want to be on the round table for pop start! Lol  #todaysbiggestfan 
  • 3 months ago by skyskymedia Promo I produced for a show we are doing with  @andygrammer  . Great guy..local guy and looking forward to having
  • 4 months ago by skyskymedia I saw this article and had to comment. I had to comment on this. In a advice to people
  • 4 months ago by skyskymedia Happy Fall. My favorite season. One month to my birthday. I consider birthdays as the new year rather than Jan
  • 4 months ago by skyskymedia Teaching my college class how to run the board today. From the great  @kidkelly  ..button 1..button silence in between.