“Radio is the most intimate and
socially personal medium in the world.”   

~ Harry Von Zell

“Everything becomes a little different
as soon as it is spoken out loud.”

~ Herman Hesse

“If you work really hard and you’re kind,
amazing things will happen.
I’m telling you. Amazing things will happen.” 


~ Conan O’Brien

Skywalker On Air Radio Personality

skywalker on air personality Services

Skywalker – With over 17 years experience in the broadcast industry, Skywalker and Sky Sky Media can provide a myriad of broadcast solutions for your organization, including:

  • On Air Personality Services
  • Remote Voice-tracking
  • Digital Production V/O
  • Talent Coaching
  • Formal Classroom Instruction

To say Skywalker is busy is quite the understatement. He’s been fortunate to have learned under the tutelage of PD Scotty Mac. Those lessons learned have paved the way for Sky to continue to develop as a programmer and air talent. When it comes to social media, he was on board ahead of the curve and utilizes his knowledge in that area to the fullest. Hard work, passion and focus are the reasons why he’s consistently #1 in afternoon drive in the Hudson Valley.

Mark LaSpina


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Top 40 observers like Alan Burns and Associates’ Jeff Johnson (left) and WSPK’s Skywalker have smart tips for creating year-end countdowns.

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